Laboratory for Cybersecurity and Information Integrity

Carring out internationally recognized scientific research and offering research-education on cybersecurity

Research topics

Biometrics and
related studies

Improving biometric authentication by using physical and behavioural human traits

Cyber Defense and Human Language Processing

Combating misinformation from a range of semantic signals, including speech, text and image

Federated Learning for
Data Privacy

Decentralization of artificial Intelligence models by enabling efficient training and inference on edge devices to foster data privacy

Laboratory for Cybersecurity and Information Integrity

Located at the Centre for Energy, Materials and Telecommunications of INRS, LACSII researchers are developing new tools to foster cybersecurity and information integrity from the perspective of recent developments of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Prof. Anderson Avila

Assistant Professor at INRS-EMT and member of the INRS-UQO Joint Research Unit in Cybersecurity, Prof. Anderson Avila is the scientifique head of the LACSII.

Our Students

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INRS-UQO Joint Research Unit in Cybersecurity

The Joint Research Units (UMRs) was created to consolidate interuniversity research and innovation clusters across Québec (particularly outside urban areas) through joint projects by the
Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS) and five partner universities from the Université du Québec (UQ) network. The Joint Research Unit at INRS-UQO is focused on cybersecurity.


Prof. Anderson Avila, INRS-EMT

Scientific head of the LACSII
Biometrics robustness, information integrity and data privacy

Prof. Stephane Bouchard, UQO

Scientific head of the UQO Cyberpsychology Lab
Virtual reality in the treatment of specific flight phobias and efficacy in telepsychotherapy

Prof. Tiago H. Falk, INRS-EMT

Scientific head of the MusaeLab
Multimedia communications, biomedical signal processing and analysis, knowledge discovery

Prof. Raphaël Khoury, UQO

Professor at UQO
Computer security, Static and dynamic software analysis, Software verification

Prof. Zakaria A. E. Houda, INRS-EMT

Assistant Professor at INRS
Machine/deep learning for intrusion detection systems

Prof. Alan Davoust, UQO

Professor at UQO
Distributed systems, Social machines

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